Why Dental Financing is a Better Option than Dental Insurance

Why Dental Financing is a Better Option than Dental Insurance

June 1, 2023

Both financing and dental insurance help you get dental treatment without breaking the bank. While both choices have advantages and disadvantages, dental financing is better since its advantages outweigh the drawbacks. This article discusses the factors that make dental financing a better option for patients seeking dental treatment.


Dental financing for patients is beneficial since it helps spread the costs over a long period without limiting them. Book an appointment with Dr. Moiz Horani of Elegant Dental - Sugar Land to learn more about the financing options at Elegant Dental. He is one of the best dentists in Sugar Land due to guaranteed dental financing. With a proper financing plan, we guarantee your successful dental care.

When considering dental financing, it's essential to remember that in-house financing is always the best deal compared to private lenders. Visit Elegant Dental, discuss their financing plans for dental treatment, and choose one that favors you.

Several factors make dental financing a better option than dental insurance. They include:

Dental Financing Offers More Flexibility

Dental financing allows patients to choose the dentist they want rather than being limited to the dentists within the insurance provider's network. You have more control over your dental health with a financing plan.

Furthermore, unlike the insurance option, where specific procedures and others are not covered, you can choose the treatment you want. You don't have to worry about which services are covered or not.

No Waiting Periods with Dental Financing

Dental insurance has waiting periods before covering specific procedures since you finance your treatment directly. With a financing plan, you get the treatment as soon as needed. You must wait six months for dental insurance for procedures like root canals or crown placements. It saves time and helps you to prevent the dental infection from escalating.

It is also a good option due to its convenience. When you require immediate dental attention and do not have time for approval from the insurance provider, some dental conditions can escalate as you wait for an insurance provider to approve you. Also, during emergency cases, you don't have to pay from your pocket.

Dental Financing Can Be More Affordable

Dental financing can be more affordable than paying for treatment out of pocket since it lets you spread the costs over a long time. Dental financing has no interest, which makes it affordable. The monthly payments can be lower by choosing a longer payment term. The treatment is, therefore, affordable since you make little monthly contributions.

Individuals with a flexible spending account (FSA) or health saving account (HAS) can use the funds to finance dental treatment. These accounts have tax advantages; thus, you might save money in the long run.

Furthermore, comparing different financing plans can give you an upper hand by choosing the most affordable lender or clinic. By making a down payment, you also reduce the amount of monthly payments and the overall cost.

Dental Financing is Easier to Obtain

Compared to other forms of credit, such as credit cards and personal loans, dental financing is easier to obtain and better than insurance plans. It has lower credit requirements, meaning you can get it even with less-than-perfect credit.

The process of approval is fast, and you can do it within minutes. Financing is more accessible than insurance, which involves multiple processes and visits. You can receive the treatment you require without approval from the lender, unlike in an insurance plan where the provider must approve your treatment coverage.

The flexible payments with dental financing make it easier to fit it into your budget and pay it over time. The application process is also more straightforward since you can apply online. You can apply and have it approved from the comfort of your home.


Dental financing has significant benefits over dental insurance. They include zero waiting time, flexibility, affordability, no deductibles, and more treatment control. Even though dental insurance is beneficial in some instances, dental financing is a better option if you want more flexibility in choosing a dental clinic and more control over your treatment in terms of the treatment time and specific procedures.

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